Viskan Stjärnö


A lot of tub in a small place

The Stjärnö is a tub that makes room where space is otherwise limited. Despite its external measurements, the Stjärnö offers two full-length lounge seats and a single seat. The lounge seats are designed to enable you to “sit deep” just like in Viskan Spa’s other models. The tub is equipped with two powerful massage pumps that drive the pulsating and directional point- massage jets. You can adjust the strength in the seat you’re sitting in using an easily-operated switch. The Stjärnö is the perfect tub for a slightly smaller family or for those who prefer a pleasant massage and bathing experience for just the two of you.

Recommended price: 86 245 kr

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Number of seats

Type of seats

Type of massage jets

Fixed, directional, single-point massage
Pummelling massage
Control the hot tub from a WiFi app on your mobile device. Available on this hot tub.

When buying a cover lift to Viskan Stjärnö

NOTE: Since this Hot Tub is of a smaller model, our cover lift will not fit unless you cut off and remove roughly a decimeter of the swing arms or lifting arms.

Technical specification

Size: 210x177 cm

Height: 79 cm

Weight empty/filled: 325/1303 kg

Water quantity: 978 L

Cool off seat/child seat: Yes

Lighting: Yes

Water level lighting: Yes

Neck pillows: 3 pcs

Pump 1: 3hp, 2200W

Pump 2: 2hp, 1500W

Separate circular pump: Yes

Heater: 3kW

UV-C-cleaning system: Yes

Aromatherapy: Yes

Stainless steel jets: Yes

Massage jets: 36 pcs

Particle filters: 1 pcs

Electrical connection (1-, 2- or 3-phase): 6840W

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