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Sedan Viskan Spa startade har vi lagt stort fokus på att spabaden ska vara välisolerade och ha en låg driftskostnad. Våra egna mätningar har visat mycket bra resultat, men vi valde ändå att göra ett oberoende test, ett energiförbrukningstest på RISE . (fd.SP – Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut). Resultatet från testet visar att med 30 min spabad två gånger per vecka, blir den genomsnittliga elförbrukningen 260 kwh/månad.
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How it is made

Join us for a tour in our factory in Skene, Sweden. Here we design and manufacture our hot tubs for the nordic climate.

Så mycket mer än bara ett spabad!

Genom att låta ett spabad bli en naturlig hjärtpunkt, ett socialt nav, finns också chansen att lösgöra kvalitetstid med familj och vänner, något som påverkar välmåendet och understödjer en positiv helhetskänsla. 

Umgås en stund i en varm atmosfär fri från vardagens distraktioner.

nyhet: Viskan ext. heat

Sänk dina energi-kostnader för uppvärmning av ditt spa-bad! Läs mer på produktsidan nedan.

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Check out the latest version of the Viskan Spa brochure. In it, you will find our entire range and lots of inspirational images.

The V-Serie

Our V-Series offers nine different models. All are equipped with different features and sizes for the best massage experience, Viskan Spa's comprehensive lightning package, aromatherapy and the market's best cleaning system - AOP. It doesn't get better than this.

The S-Serie

What all the S Series models have in common are stainless steel jets, ozone purification, separately programmable circulation pumps, antibacterial hoses and the same great basic quality as all Viskan Spas hot tubs. In other words, a very high quality hot tub at a really good price.

Sitting Depth

Deeper than those of its competitors

Bathing outside in winter is perhaps one of the most enjoyable bathing experiences. But you must be able to sit comfortably, leaning backwards with the water over your shoulders - otherwise it becomes cold. And because Scandinavians are somewhat taller, the design and seating depth are extra important. That’s why a Viskan hot tub is a little deeper than the other hot tubs on the market - take a seat and test it yourself.

Unique operating system

Long warm baths all year round

Balboa Watergroup supplies our control systems. In addition to the fact that we chose to use titanium heaters, to extend the life of the heater, in most of our spas, Balboa has also developed a unique control system for us. That means you can run the massage pumps while the heater heats your bathing water. This is a must in our Nordic climate. If not, the water temperature drops very quickly – no matter what insulation you have on the side of the tub.

Quality components

The difference is in the detail

It is the small details, such as seals, o-rings, gaskets and even the silicone and glue that make a big difference. Using the right products for the right purpose is absolutely crucial in terms of the service life of your spa. We use Viton seals for the pumps, as they are about four times better than traditional EPDM seals. Most of our whirlpools utilise a much more secure assembly method for the massage jets. This eliminates the need for silicone and nuts, and does not lead to leakage as a result of poor or obsolete silicone and/or plastic nuts.

The shell

The thickest on the market

The most important part of a spa is the shell. This is indisputable. That is why we chose to invest in the market’s thickest shell, from the best supplier. The shell plate is more than twice as thick as normal, and is made of acrylic and ABS for the best strength and flexibility. The plate is reinforced with several layers of polyurethane (PUR) for maximum strength. This also reduces noise and acts as an extra layer of insulation. It is also much better for the environment than traditional glass fibre reinforcement.

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