Why Hot Tub?

Water therapy - An investment in your health

Water is necessary for all life and that is perhaps why we human beings are naturally drawn to water. In water we feel weightless, full of life and peaceful at the same time. A hot tub is the perfect way to unwind and recover
after a hectic day. Get into the water, let your body absorb the warmth and feel your muscles relax.

There are many health benefits to a hot massage tub. When the body warms up, blood circulation increases 
and makes blood vessels dilate. Lower blood pressure, less stress and temporary relief of joint and muscular 
pain are some of the effects that many people experience in their hot tub.

Having a hot tub as the natural heart of a group of people or as a social hub also gives a chance to free up quality time with family and friends, which also affects well-being and helps create an overall positive feeling. Get together for a while in a warm atmosphere free from everyday distractions and feel how the water massages you and releases endorphins – the body’s own natural feel-good medicine.

  • Natural remedy for insomnia
  • Reduction of stiffness and swelling
  • Aiding arthritis (but not all types of arthritis)
  • Relief in type-2 diabetes (reduced blood sugar levels, better sleep)