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Great massage variation

This hot tub seats six, with a lovely section for lying down, and a corner seat providing neck massages and massage for the forearms, calves and feet. Three of the massage seats are controlled by a dual- speed pump. At the touch of a button, a soft massage beings, and at a second touch the massage streams become significantly more powerful. The soft massage is perfect for winding down after a powerful pummelling massage, or if the younger children want to swim without excessive massage streams.

The lounge seat has a separate massage pump: multi- speed Flexi Pump. You can change the power of the massage by pressing the button once or you can allow the pump itself to switch between a soft, gentle massage and a powerful, intense massage.

Recommended price: 146 245 kr

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Number of seats

Type of seats

Type of massage jets

Fixed, directional, single-point massage
Pummelling massage
Pulsating massage
Neck/shoulder massage
Control the hot tub from a WiFi app on your mobile device. Available on this hot tub.

Technical specification

Size: 230x230 cm

Height: 95 cm

Weight empty/filled: 439/2154 kg

Water quantity: 1715 L

Cool off seat/child seat: Yes

Lighting: Yes

Water level lighting: Yes

Lit waterfall and switches: Yes

Neck pillows: 5 pcs

Neck/shoulder massage: 1 pcs

Pump 1: 3hp, 2200W Dual Speed Pump

Pump 2: 2hp, 1500W

Pump 3: 2hp, 1500W Flexi Pump

Separate circular pump: Yes

Titanium heaters: 3,8 kW

ACS cleaning system: Yes

Aromatherapy: Yes

Stainless steel jets: Yes

Massage jets: 54 pcs

Particle filters: 2 pcs

Electrical connection (1-, 2- or 3-phase): 8462W

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