The V-Serie

Our V series offers six different models. All are equipped with massage jets with different features and sizes for the best massage experience.

You will always receive a hot tub with single-point, pulsating and pummelling massage jets.

All models are equipped with a separately programmable circulation pump, and several massage pumps, at least one of which has two different speeds (dual speed).

Two of the models also include our Flexi Pump.

Eight of the V series hot tubs models are equipped with Viskan Spa’s comprehensive lighting package, aromatherapy and the market’s best cleaning system - AOP.

This pump has three different speeds, as well as a fourth setting where the pump itself changes speed. This gives you another massage experience dimension.

The tubs’ control system is Balboa’s (market leader in hot tub control) latest and improved system with a variety of control and safety features.

The heater is titanium and the tub can also be equipped with remote control and music.

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