• The hot tub must stand on a stable, even surface. Talk to a professional about whether your wooden deck will support it, or how deep your gravel bed on the lawn should be to avoid settling. For example, if it is built into a wooden deck, is it accessible for servicing, as it may be necessary to remove all of the panels and to work around the entire tub. All electrical installations must be carried out by a qualified electrician. The hot tub is filled with a water hose, 1300-2600 litres, depending on the hot tub.

  • It must be replaced 3-4 times a year, depending on use and water quality. Before emptying, turn off the power. For quick and easy emptying, we recommend a submersible pump. While the water is being pumped out, rinse the jets and extractors with a water hose. Filter and suction recesses must be cleaned regularly.

  • Although the bath has a circulation pump, particle filter and UV-C lamp/ozonator, chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or active oxygen are required to keep it clean. Dosages and use thereof vary. Read more on the respective products. Chemicals must be added even when the water is replaced or added for the first time.

  • Check the pH and chlorine content of the water at regular intervals for the most comfort, but also because the components of the bath can be damaged by low pH. Use mild solvents to clean the surface and not abrasives. The pillows should be removed and washed with water. If the hot tub is not used for a long time, remove the pillows to extend their service life. The exterior panel must be washed with water and a damp cloth. Do not high pressure wash as this may penetrate and damage the electronics.

  • We recommend that the bath is always filled and powered up. It is difficult to empty all the water and, at colder temperatures, pumps and jets risk freezing if water is left in the system. In warmer temperatures, there is a risk of algae and mould forming, as there is no circulation or chemicals in the water. The circulation pump circulates the water, maintains the temperature and prevents algal growth. If the spa is not used for a long time, it can be switched to Sleep Mode.

  • Ever since Viskan Spa was founded, we have paid a great deal of attention to ensuring that the hot tubs are well insulated and have low operating costs. Our own measurements have shown very good results, but we still chose to commission an independent energy consumption test, conducted by SP, the Swedish Technical Research Institute.

    The test was carried out in one of their chambers, in which the ambient temperature was set to 7.5°. This corresponds to the annual average temperature in Central Sweden. The spa was allowed to stand idle for approx. twelve hours after it reached 38°, and the water was not heated using energy, i.e. the water temperature was higher than 38° when the test started.

    All the system’s pumps, lighting and heaters were running. This was to get a true measurement value – a maximum value. When comparing energy consumption, it is important to note the number of pumps and the size of the heater. These of course use more than weaker pumps and smaller heaters, but we have chosen to use powerful pumps to provide a better and more powerful massage, and a separate circulation pump, and we believe that a 3 kW heater is required to maintain water temperature in cooler outdoor temperatures. Using, for example, a 1.5 kW heater means that the temperature drops several degrees quite quickly when bathing and the heater cannot maintain the water temperature.

    The result of the test shows that two 30 minute baths twice a week have an average electricity consumption of 260 kwh/month. As electricity prices may vary, we choose to show the result in kWh.

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